Click on the number to see identified fisheries and water quality issues associated within the adjacent river reach, as well as identified project/strategies to reduce tailwater impacts.

Sub-Area 16
Oregon Slough

Sub-Area 15
Upper Little Shasta

Sub-Area 14
Lower Little Shasta

Sub-Area 13
I-5 to Canyon

Sub-Area 12
Yreka Ager Road to I-5 & Lower Shasta River

Sub-Area 11
Little Shasta Confluence to Yreka Ager Road

Sub-Area 10
2 miles DS of A-12 to Little Shasta Confluence

Sub-Area 9
GID Diversion to 2 miles DS of A-12

Sub-Area 8
1 mile DS of Big Springs confluence to GID diversion

Sub-Area 7
Parks Creek (above I-5)

Sub-Area 6
Parks Creek

Sub-Area 4 & 5
Kettle Spring Complex & Bridgefield Complex

Sub-Area 3
Big Springs Creek

Sub Area 2
Shasta River (Parks confluence to 1 mile DS of Big Springs confluence)

Sub-Area 1
Shasta River (Dam to confluence of Parks Creek)